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The 2nd of May, 2014

OFFICIAL STATEMENT of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Donetsk People's Republic Regarding Responsibility for the Punitive Operation and War Crimes Committed on the 2nd of May in the Territory of the DPR

On the night of the 1st/the 2nd of may armed units subordinate to the Kiev junta committed war crimes in the territory of the Donetsk People Republic by attacking the peaceful towns of Slavyansk and Kramatorsk and using armor and air strike against civilians. Grave crimes against peace and security have been committed; under the norms of international law they nave no period of limitation and cannot be ever forgiven.

The orders to commit those war crimes come from the leaders of illegitimate Kiev regime Turchinov, Nalyvaichenko, Avakov, Parubiy and other persons who will be convicted by the future International Criminal Tribunal for the former Ukraine for war crimes committed against civilians.

That said, the Kiev terrorists' string-pullers are international financial circles that spur the illegitimate Kiev authorities towards new atrocities and acts of terror. Thus, on the 30th of April, 2014, the IMF Executive board approved terms of a loan for Ukraine and issued a tranche thereof. After the approval of that loan, the Kiev junta "obtained immediate access to funds amounting to 3.2 billion US Dollars". Special attention should be paid to the IMF loan provision term under which the provision of further tranches within the framework of "emergency access to the Fund resources" will depend directly on the extent of control Kiev exercises over the territories of Ukrainian regions. In the present day-t—day realities that means a direct proportion with the "success" of the punitive operation carried out by the Ukrainian army in Slavyansk, Kramatorsk, Donetsk, Lugansk and other population centers that had proclaimed their refusal to recognize the illegitimate authority of the Kiev junta.

We cannot but draw attention to the relationship between this IMF tranche and the war crime. As a mater of fact, punitive operations fraught with a massive robbery of the population whose living standards have already dropped by a third are being financed under the cover of talking about "economic stabilization". It appears that the IMF in the person of its chief officers must either stop financing of terrorism and an aggressive war in Europe and disassociate itself with those criminal decisions or fully share the responsibility for the consequences of its decisions with the Kiev butchers.

We specifically mean the persons who adopted the above decisions at the IMF Board meeting in Washington, DC on the 30th of April, 2014, namely: Christine Lagarde, Managing Director of the IMF, Reza Moghadam, Director of the IMF European Department, Jacob Lew, the USA Representative at the IMF board, Jens Weidmann, the German representative and other IMF functionaries who took a hand in those decisions.

We call to all the countries and peoples of the world, to all the politicians who have not lost their conscience yet to condemn the criminal actions of the IMF leadership aimed at financing a new war in the territory of Europe. We also intend to strive for criminal prosecutions of those persons by the International Criminal Tribunal for the former Ukraine for the financing of war crime and terrorism.

In this connection we second the position of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Russia according to which "irresponsible and aggressive actions of the present "Ukrainian" government", can lead to disastrous consequences, were they ever implemented. Punitive measures taken against their own people would testify to the Kiev leadership's inability to fulfill the obligations it undertook under the Geneva Arrangement concluded on the 17th of April, a.c. in favor of stopping any violence as soon as possible and starting a broad nationwide dialog with the participation of all the regions and political forces. We call Kiev, as well as the USA and the EU, the Geneva arrangements signatories conniving at it to refrain from making criminal errors, to make a sober estimate of the gravity of possible consequences of using force against the Ukrainian people".

We apply to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the leaders of Russia to use their positions at the international Monetary Fund for immediate termination of the documents and decisions adopted by a criminal gang of financiers who are pushing Europe and the world to the brink of a new World War again, just like they did seventy-five years ago.

As to the so-called "Geneva Arrangements" whose cornerstone was repudiation of armed violence, we should acknowledge that their disavowal by Kiev started immediately after they were signed and ended by a criminal punitive raid in Slavyansk. We proceed on the basis that such arrangement do not exist any more and the full and exclusive blame for that lies with the illegitimate government of Kiev that trampled them down with armor and combat aircraft under orders from Washington.

We view those circumstances as a direct and overt support on part of the international financial elite pushing the present-day Europe towards a possible start of a new World War. We hope that the world will remember the lessons and events of the beginning of the World War II, and the role played then by the international financial capital that financed the military efforts of the Hitler regime. Unfortunately, the situation repeats itself today. Just like seventy-five years ago, not only politicians but financiers as well pose a threat to peace because they are pushing the present-day Europe to a new war on its territory.

We call the leaders of the European countries to realize their responsibility for the future of Europe and to stop supporting the criminal Kiev regime immediately.


(Перевод Е. Цыпин)

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